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At Air Academy Associates, we don't believe training needs to be complex to be valuable. Rather, training should be understandable, pertinent, enjoyable and engaging. Training should make you want to become a practitioner. It should strengthen your capabilities, as well as your company's.

Today, there are more training formats than ever before, from one-on-one to classroom, video to online. You can receive training in-house, on your computer or at a separate facility. Whichever method works best for you, we can accommodate your needs.

Our goal is to facilitate learning and help you obtain an expertise in the tools that will lead to on-going successes. Our " Keep It Simple Statistically" (KISS) approach to training allows non-statisticians in industry, government and the service sector to embrace the philosophy and implementation of continuous quality improvement. More important, we are committed to helping you master the skills that will deliver a substantial Return on Investment.

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Air Academy Associates is a Service Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business, with a GSA contract for training, services and materials. Learn More!



If you haven’t yet decided to seek certification, think about this...it is a verifiable way to prove that you have the training and skills necessary to solve problems, improve processes and change cultures. A certification from Air Academy Associates is powerful.

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Now is your chance to ask our experts how they might solve your design, process, training, testing, or manufacturing problem. We’ve seen it all before and chances are we will provide an answer or make a recommendation.


Since opening our doors in 1990, Air Academy Associates has trained over 81,000 individuals from hundreds of companies.  Using our training, techniques, and methodologies, these individuals have saved their organizations hundreds of millions of dollars.



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