21st Test Instrumentation Workshop: Solving Problems with Innovative Solutions

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Please join us at the 2017 ITEA Test Instrumentation Workshop and help us share your experiences, lessons learned and innovative solutions to those problems we face in today's test environment.  Dr. Mark Kiemele will be presenting.  A Primer on Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques (STAT) Instructor:Mark J. Kiemele, Ph.D., Air Academy Associates Course length 4 [...]

System of Sytems January 24-26 2017 El Paso

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As the DoD embarks on a 3rd offset environment, execution of the identified initiatives will require application of system of systems principles to assure a robust and effective solution. These principles and their application to the 3rd offset, will facilitate the creation of a flexible infrastructure capable of conducting more operationally realistic test and training. [...]

The Use of Design of Experiments in Transactional Applications

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Passionate about the use and power of Design of Experiments, Air Academy Associate's President, Dr. Mark Kiemele shares his thoughts of the use in a transactional setting.  Plainly stated, if you are collecting data and not applying DOE's, you will fall short of your optimal results as you will read below. A statement often heard [...]