predict your output performance

See how your results compare with industry norms.

ABestPracticess you read the book, “Reversing the Culture of Waste – 50 Best Practices For Achieving Process Excellence”, you rated each of the 50 best practices from 0 to 2. Based on the totals you summed up for each of the 10 chapters, you now have the opportunity to predict how well your organization is positioned to achieve key performance outcomes.

As discussed in the book, each chapter represents a critical input to the Input-Process-Output diagram associated with world-class performance. By supplying the information below, you will be emailed a personalized report based on your chapter totals. These predictions are obtained using a regression model that is based on survey data from a large number of organizations. The report will compare your results with the industry norms.

The data you provide will be kept confidential.

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Chapter 1 - Executive Ownership and Leadership Alignment (0 to 10):*
Chapter 2 - Effective Support Infrastructure (0 to 12):*
Chapter 3 - Integration with Existing Business Improvement (0 to 2):*
Chapter 4 - Right Projects/Studies and People to lead them (0 to 6):*
Chapter 5 - Integrated Training and Software (0 to 6):*
Chapter 6 - Financial and Implementation Accountability (0 to 50):*
Chapter 7 - Reward and Recognition (0 to 2):*
Chapter 8 - Enterprise-Wide Knowledge Sharing (0 to 4):*
Chapter 9 - Customer and Supply Chain Involvement (0 to 4):*
Chapter 10 - Change Management: Strength/Weaknesses (0 to 4):*