21st Test Instrumentation Workshop: Solving Problems with Innovative Solutions

Please join us at the 2017 ITEA Test Instrumentation Workshop and help us share your experiences, lessons learned and innovative solutions to those problems we face in today’s test environment.  Dr. Mark Kiemele will be presenting. 

A Primer on Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques (STAT)
Instructor:Mark J. Kiemele,
Ph.D., Air Academy Associates
Course length 4 hours
With the increased emphasis that the Department of Defense is placing on the use of scientific principles in the test and evaluation environment, you may have heard of the term STAT (Scientific
Test and Analysis Techniques). This 4- hour tutorial will provide an overview of some of the most important scientific test and analysis techniques that can and should be used in test and evaluation activities. This session is meant for executives, leaders, managers, and practitioners who need to
know what STAT includes and what it can do for their organizations even if they themselves neverdesign a test or evaluate its results. Design of Experiments (DOE) is most definitely a critical
component of STAT, but this session will address other important tools as well. Methods for prioritizing requirements and translating them into measurable entities will be discussed, along with Measurement System Analysis (MSA). MSA should answer the question of whether we can trust the data that we are getting from the test. Transfer functions and their use in prediction and optimization will also be presented. After this session, leaders, managers, and practitioners will have a high-level understanding of a variety of methods that are implicit in STAT. No prior statistical prowess is needed to garner some key principles/take-aways from this session.
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