Positive Business Results Through Thought Leadership

A person or company doesn’t become a “thought leader” overnight. It takes a proven track record built on innovation, results, sharing, and, perhaps most important, trust.

At Air Academy Associates, we’ve been delivering client results through a variety of innovative improvement methodologies for the past two decades. In fact, our founder, Dr. Mark Kiemele, trained some of the very first Black Belts at the Six Sigma Research Institute.

We don’t promote ourselves as thought leaders, however, because we’re not concerned with titles and recognition. But many of our clients — and our peers — do look to us for leadership. They trust our judgment, our experience and our advice. Because they know we’re driven not by accolades and awards, but by a sincere desire to promote innovation while helping others achieve positive business results.

If that sounds like your kind of thinking, give us a call. We’d love to share our thoughts.