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Accounts Revenue Generation Project


A company’s finance department was not able to capitalize on a 2% discount offered by vendors for processing invoices within ten business days. Over a two year period the company failed to benefit from the discounts 50% of the time resulting in a loss of almost $1 million.

  • The new process realized $1.78 million in annualized hard savings
  • There was an overall 78% improvement in the process
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Accounts Withdrawal Accuracy


A health insurance administrator for ASO accounts had a flawed billing process. The result was 25% of the customers had experienced incorrect administrative fees being charged to their account. An additional 8% of the customers were impacted by late withdrawal of fees. A project was launched to
improve internal efficiency (too many reconciliation checkpoints and manual workflows) and decrease customer dissatisfaction.


  • The new process financial benefit of $304,688 and over the course of 8 months
  • There were no errors
  • Cycle time went from 2 weeks to 3 days
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AR & DSO Reduction Project


The Asia-Pacific branch of this company had been experiencing high overdue Account Receivables (AR) and high Day Sales Outstanding (DSO).

  • Days Sales Outstanding was reduced from 161 to 80 days in less than one year
  • The company has experienced more cash flow available and pays less finance charges to their lenders
  • This project has earned respect from their customers for the control processes on Account Receivables
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Invoicing Process Improvement


The branch operation serving this country had an inefficient system of processing invoices and sending them to their customers.
  •  73% reduction in processing time for invoices that are sent once a month
  •  58% reduction in processing time for invoices that are sent as soon as material leaves the warehouse
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