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Improving Prevention


Tobacco Use Screening and Cessation, Depression Screening and Colorectal Cancer Screening



  • Tobacco Use Screening went from 73% to 98%
  • Tobacco Use Cessation went from  84% to 94%
  • Depression Screening went from 89% to 96%
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening went from 84% to 91%
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Blood Pressure Monitoring


Primary Care


  • as of the date of this report, blood pressure monitoring averages at 76%, which is a 14% increase due to discussion, education, and standardization with an SOP
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Insurance Capture


Updating Patient Insurance Information


  • significant improvement (93%) in the overall ICB Exception Rate
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Pharmacist Information (PI) Outsert


A better and more cost effective method was required for applying the pharmacist information via shrink wrapping to a patient’s prescription.

  • $4 million in annualized ROI was created for the pharmaceutical company (after the cost of capital equipment)
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Rejection Systems Used for Tracking Defective Materials


The problem/opportunity that this manufacturer was facing involved how to effectively combine two existing rejection systems used for tracking defective materials.

  • More than $118,000/year in incremental return on investment
  • Customers experienced higher quality
  • Improved quality-of-life for thousands of people worldwide
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CT Scan Throughput


The turnaround time (TAT) for the hospital’s radiology CT department was in excess of what the customers felt it should be. Averaging 20.7 hours with variation from 8 hours to 34 hours.

  • Average TAT decreased to 11.6 hours
  • The defect rate decreased by over 60%
  • The increased capacity generated $375,000 in additional revenue
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Account Withdrawal Accuracy


A health insurance administrator for ASO accounts had a flawed billing process.

  • Financial benefit of $304,688 over 8 months
  • No errors occurred
  • Cycle time went from an average of 2 weeks to 3 days
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Small Batch Blending Creates New Revenue – DFSS


The manufacture did not have the ability to accurately blend raw materials in small batch quantities and consequently the blended product was only sold in large batches of standard blends.


  • New revenue stream from custom blended batches  is projected to add over $50 million in incremental revenue the first year
  • Engineering costs were reduced by over$200,000 annually
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Reducing Delays in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of expensive healthcare equipment.


  • A new process flow map was completed
  • Timely completion of the cardiology assessment was designed
  • Responsibilities of the process workers were clearly defined
  • The goal for on-time first case starts was achieved
  • A control plan was put in place
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GEMS LightSpeed™CT Scanner – DFSS


For a new line of CT Scanners, General Electric identified the key customer requirements (CTQ) as; Image quality, Speed, Software reliability, and Patient comfort. To achieve all of these requirements would require leading-edge technology and a discipline DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) approach.


  • Better image quality for earlier & more reliable diagnoses
  • Much faster scanning
  • Clinical productivity up 50%,
  • 10x improvement in software reliability
  • Patient comfortimproved with shorter exam time
  • Development time shortened by 2 years
  • Higher market share andsignificant profit margins
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