case study

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Pharmacist Information (PI) Outsert (shrink wrapped on outside)

FOCUS: Pharmacist Information (PI) Outsert (shrink wrapped on outside).


A better and more cost effective method was required for applying the pharmacist information via shrink
wrapping to a patient’s prescription.


A Lean Six Sigma improvement team reviewed the process, developed a map out the existing process and recommend changes to lean the process and reduce variability. The team quickly identified nonvalue added steps in the process and improvement opportunities. Using data collected and various statistical tools, the team identified changes to the process that should be implemented. As a result:

  • PI Outsert bottleneck on the drug secondary packaging line was eliminated
  • New adhesion process and automated cartoner installed
  • Eighteen FTE moved from process to another process within the business
  • A new, smaller, and less expensive outsert created


$4 million in annualize ROI was created for the pharmaceutical company (after the cost of capital equipment).

* Due to nondisclosure agreements, the organization referenced in this example cannot be disclosed.