case study

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer

Rejection Systems Used for Tracking Defective Materials

FOCUS: Rejection systems used for tracking defective materials.


The problem/opportunity that this manufacturer was facing involved how to effectively combine two existing rejection systems used for tracking defective materials.


A Lean Six Sigma improvement team reviewed the process and used various statistical and decision tools to recommend a new future-state process. The team developed an implementation plan, piloted the new process and identified required steps to mitigate risk as the transition to the new process
progressed. As a result:

  • The two systems were efficiently combined, streamlined and placed on the web
  • Process flow and dashboard was created for new process which can be monitored and further improved


More than $118,000/year in incremental return on investment (ROI) was realized. Higher quality levels were also experienced by customers, as well as significant quality-of-life improvement achieved for thousands of people worldwide.

* Due to nondisclosure agreements, the organization referenced in this example cannot be disclosed.