case study

Industry: Manufacturing/Xerox

Photoreceptor Belt Tensioning System – DFSS

FOCUS: Photoreceptor Belt Tensioning System – DFSS


The Xerox Corporation designs, manufactures and markets the iGen3 Digital Press.  iGen3 is a full color printer that can produce photo-quality prints at 110 pages per minute.  When the current iGen3 was to be modified, the engineering team was tasked with redesigning the belt tensioning mechanism on the  photoreceptor into a smaller package without adjusting the length of the belt.


An IDOV project was initiated and Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) was used to accomplish this redesign process. The redesign had to take several noise factors into account. The outcome of the project was a design that met the constraints placed on it by the system.   This IDOV project is a practical example of how Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS) can bring about the best option available in a constrained design. The team used the following IDOV work process:
– Identify: The team conducted a thorough analysis of all of the constraints and dimensions of the smaller cavity, including various noise factors.
– Design: Team quantified the various noise factors and other IPO inputs and used DOE to model the entire system.
– Optimize: Using DOE techniques the team identified the optimum design specification and tolerances required for the most robust and cost effective system.
– Validate: Monte Carlo simulation were used to test the design parameter, as well as actual tests on design fixtures and actual systems.
Typically, DFSS has provided at least a one sigma gain in quality at launch over previous designs. This is a major improvement over other methodologies. Additionally, DFSS conservatively decreases time to market by at least 25%. A more typically seen reduction in time to market is 25%-40%. Cost savings
due to total resources utilized, which is highly correlated to time, is in the 20%-40% range.


The team met the performance and cost targets for this new design well within the expected timeframe. This new design enabled the next iteration of iGen3 to be delivered on schedule and meet the rigorous demands of the print industry customers.

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