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Industry: Manufacturing

TV Deflection Yoke – DFSS

FOCUS: TV Deflection yoke – DFSS


When embarking on a new design for a TV Deflection yoke, this electronics company looked to DFSS for its cycle time and robust design benefits.


A DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) team was assembled for the redesigned product. They began by understanding the Voice of the Customer and Business Requirement. They rapidly translated these into the required product specification. Data-driven decisions identified the optimal design. Appropriate input-output factors were modeled and specified to ensure a robust design with appropriate tolerances. As a result, the team:
– Upgraded the design using DFSS tools.
– Significantly improved performance.
– Implemented design changes and efficiencies that Improved the overall production process.
Typically, DFSS has provided at least a one sigma gain in quality at launch over previous designs.  This is a major improvement over other  methodologies. Additionally, DFSS conservatively decreases time to market by at least 25%. A more typically seen reduction in time to market is 25%-40%. Cost savings due to total resources utilized, which is highly correlated to time, is in the 20%-40% range.


This project yielded a $240,000 benefit in annualized ROI better than estimates of their traditional design approach.

* Due to nondisclosure agreements, the organization referenced in this example cannot be disclosed.