case study

Industry: Manufacturing

Vehicle Out-of-Commission Rate

FOCUS: Vehicle out-of-commission rate


A vehicle maintenance organization was experiencing excessive time that vehicles were out of commission.  For the company to remain profitable and  effectively service their customers, they needed to reduce this “Vehicle Out-of-Commission” rate.


An improvement team was commissioned to analyze the process and implement required changes. The team applied various process analysis and statistical six sigma tools to both improve quality and lean out the process. Several opportunities to improve quality and efficiency were implemented. As a result of the team’s efforts:
– An Improved Control Plan with appropriate customer=focused metrics was Implemented.
– Measurement System Analysis was used to significantly improve diagnostic equipment being used in the maintenance process.
– Electronic technical manuals were implemented to enable more up-to-date, consistent and accurate information.


While specific “Out-of-Commission” rates cannot be shared, the total financial benefits associated with these improvements yielded $1.8 million in annualized ROI (Return On Investment).

* Due to nondisclosure agreements, the organization referenced in this example cannot be disclosed.