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Customer Service/Warranty Process Improvement


The Customer Service/Warranty claims process was too cumbersome and costly. This was causing unnecessary cost to be incurred by the organization, but even worse it was creating an unsatisfactory experience for their customers.

  • The company realized over $100,000 in annualized ROI
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CT Scan Throughput


The turnaround time (TAT) for the hospital’s radiology CT department was in excess of what the customers felt it should be. Averaging 20.7 hours with variation from 8 hours to 34 hours.

  • Average TAT decreased to 11.6 hours
  • The defect rate decreased by over 60%
  • The increased capacity generated $375,000 in additional revenue
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Reduce Productivity Impact of Employees Transferring to New Jobs within Company


Reduce productivity impact of employees transferring to new jobs within company.
  •  Yielded $479,700 in annualized ROI
  •  Increase in employee production.
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At-the-Customer Service Improvement


A major client was dissatisfied with the costs and resources needed to support, supply and maintain onsite system from the business services company.
  • Strengthened the customer relationship 
  • Enabled the client to reduce the overall cost of maintaining their on-site systems
  • Renewed new multi-year, multi-million dollar contract
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Service System Testing & Commissioning  


A company hired to test and commission systems, found major errors in every phase of the process.  
  • the project resulted in a 20% reduction in the time it takes to complete the overall installation of the system
  • the project came in on time
  • much higher customer satisfaction
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Sales Playbook – Revenue Growth


This sales organization was faced with a rapidly growing product family. Data indicated that sales varied greatly across individual sales operations.
  • increased revenue of over $7 million
  • cost savingsof over $2 million
  • more knowledgeable and capable sales force
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Reducing Delays in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of expensive healthcare equipment.
  • a new process flow map was completed
  • timely completion of the cardiology assessment was designed into the process
  • responsibilities of the process workers were clearly defined
  • goal for on-time first case starts was achieved
  • a control plan consisting of a dashboard, delineation of responsibilities, alert flags, and required action, was put in place
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Product Forecasting Improvements


A study conducted showed that the accuracy of forecasts submitted to the product planning group was very low. As a result, the organization had serious problems with shipments and backlogs. Revenue targets were not being met.
As a result of this project, the service company received over $2 million in incremental revenue. In addition, forecast accuracy improvements have helped reduce inventory and simplify employee work processes.
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