case study

Industry: Systems and Services Organization

Service System Testing & Commissioning

FOCUS: Service System Testing & Commissioning.


The successful installation of field systems and establishing communications with the controller infrastructure involved a lengthy procedure. Data collection revealed the cause to be errors and rework in each separate phase. Phases included; pre-commissioning, field work, network-level work and employee/machine Interface. Significant improvements were required.


A Lean Six Sigma team was commissioned to find out why the process was so lengthy, what was causing all the rework and to make recommendations on how to improve this complex process. A DMAIC step-by-step approach was implemented and various lean and six sigma tools were utilized. As a result, the team made the following improvements:

  • Field devices are now commissioned from a centralized system to avoid duplication of work
  • Better communications have been established between field activities and central processes
  • The software used to optimize the employee/machine Interface is now tested centrally instead of at the job site
  • Additional testing is performed online
  • Engineers responsible for the project work and commissioning now also resolve residual problems
  • Detailed control plan was formalized and project managers were trained on the new process


This project resulted in a 20% reduction in the time it takes to complete the overall installation and commissioning activities, thereby increasing the company’s efficiency. The installation team also is able to hand over the project on time, resulting in much higher customer satisfaction.

* Due to nondisclosure agreements, the organization referenced in this example cannot be disclosed.