Online Learning

Before the Internet, if a company wanted their employees to receive special training, the session took place in a centralized classroom setting. Due to associated business and travel costs, however, this is not always a feasible option. Fortunately, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of training opportunities. Thanks to web-based courseware, everyone now has an equal chance to learn, regardless of location, budget or time constraints.

While we strongly recommend a blended approach between face-to-face and online training, we recognize that online learning presents an opportunity to many people who may not have personal access to the proper trainers and materials. That is why we’ve partnered with recognized online learning providers to offer online opportunities for training in Six Sigma, Lean, DFSS and other concepts. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our curriculum and accountability for results as we provide our students with as much flexibility, convenience and variety of learning opportunities as possible.

Features of our Online Learning Management System include:

  • 24/7 access to materials
  • Exercises to reinforce content
  • Supplemental texts and software
  • Phone consultation with an Air Academy senior consultant
  • Skills assessment
  • Certification documents upon successful course completion

Additionally, our Online Learning Management System uses the same interface as our highly popular and easy-to-use Knowledge Assessments.

Of course, the optimal blend between online learning and live presentation depends on many factors, including the corporate culture, the individual’s background and the goals and objectives of the organization. Before making a decision, be sure to review your goals, prior experience and organizational structure.

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