22nd Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop (2018)

The focus of the 2018 ITEA Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop is “Supporting the Warfighter from Test to Training—Understanding the 3rd Offset.”

The 3rd Offset Strategy pursues next-generation technologies and learning systems, human-machine collaboration and combat teaming, and network-enabled and cyber-hardened autonomous weapons.   This year’s goal is to identify and address those instrumentation and data collection issues and challenges faced by the test and training communities to support current and next generation weapon system testing and training missions.

Please join us at the 2018 ITEA Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop where you’ll gain insight into current and future instrumentation and data collection test and training methods, collaborate and network with industry peers and policy makers, and increase your awareness on the latest technologies offered by premier industry vendors.  Come prepared to share your experiences, lessons learned and solutions to the problems we face in today’s test and training environments.

Las Vegas, centrally located between several major test and training ranges, is the ideal meeting place for representatives from government, industry, and academia to present formal papers and exhibit goods and services that can assist T&E professionals.

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