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“I want to thank you for all of the support and guidance you provided during the development of my project and formation of my slide deck to tell the story.  Your knowledge of systems redesign principles is like no one I have ever met, and you were so patient in addressing all my crazy questions, clearing the muddy waters, and removing the noise factors.  It truly was a pleasure working with you.”


The feedback has been very favorable so far from our direct labor members. They really like the breakout activity, the interaction, and how the statapult exercise reinforces the practicality of the basic CI tools.  They also like that the training is not ‘death by PowerPoint’, but includes the hands-on activity with the statapult.

John Heilman, Woodward

An Air Force flight test squadron has personnel ranging from civilians with technical graduate degrees, to officers with technical and liberal arts undergraduate degrees, to enlisted troops with high school diplomas. AAA was able to customize a curriculum to teach DOE and DFSS to all of us. The detail required for the civilians was masterfully blended with the basic concepts required for the troops. The end result was a test squadron with mission expertise able to conceptualize, plan, test, analyze and report in a scientifically robust manner giving decision makers statistically accurate risk recommendations.

Jim Shaffer, Air Force Special Operations
Air Academy Associates’ timeliness of performance is outstanding. They provided all requested support on time. They were proactive in setting up status meetings and managing control documents to assure deliverables were delivered on time and as specified.
Melvin Humphrey, VA Acquisition Academy

My exposure to the DFSS program, especially the DOE portion has made me look like a wizard to most people I interact with here, internally and externally. My enhanced understanding of statistics has helped with quality issues and identifying opportunities for improvement with actually analyzing data, rather than simply collecting it.

R & D Scientist
Air Academy has done it again, Reversing the Culture of Waste is another must-read filled with practical advice, insight and lessons learned!
Neal MacKertich , Raytheon
Air Academy Associate’s partnership and coaching over the years has been instrumental in our successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma and fostering a Lean Enterprise culture at Bose Corporation.
Jeff Hastie, Bose
The Air Academy STAT/OPDOE course is an excellent offering provided just the right level of exposure and I was able to immediately apply what I learned to my work.
Pete Christensen, TRMC

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