we provide data analytics, teach and inspire

We partner with industry and government clients to help them achieve their goals through various product/process improvement methodologies to include predictive analytic tools.

Professional Services

There are times when help outside your organization is needed. When that time comes, benefit from a partner that is experienced, tested, and trusted.

Remote Project Coaching

Air Academy Associates will work remotely with your organization to coach your Lean Six Sigma or Performance Improvement Experts with project work.  Whether the project coaching is get the team or team lead over hurdles they’ve encountered or to provide assistance in helping a belt candidate achieve his or her certification, Air Academy Associate’s Master Black Belts can help.  Our success is inextricably linked to our client’s tangible and verifiable success.  Verifiable project results are the best way to demonstrate the value of Lean Six Sigma or Performance Improvement to the organization.

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Expert Support for CI, LSS or DFSS Projects and Studies

Organizations frequently lack sufficient resources to support all of the improvement needs they would like to pursue. In these situations, Air Academy Associates offers supplemental expertise to lead or support their critical improvement initiatives.

Process Excellence Maturity Assessment

Air Academy Associates offers a comprehensive review and assessment of an organization’s Continuous Improvement or Lean Six Sigma capabilities.

Process Improvement Implementation Consulting

Air Academy associates will work with your organization culture, unique improvement needs and current capabilities to structure an optimum path forward. Our success is inextricably linked to our client’s tangible and verifiable success.

Competency Assessment

Companies often find their process improvement initiatives stagnant in need of a boost of energy, education or enthusiasm.  Our team has helped 100’s of companies identify gaps and realize opportunities necessary to help them meet their current goals.

Business Implementation Strategies

Early implementation strategies are key to a long and successful deployment. Getting off on the right foot is a key to any Process Improvement program. As a matter of fact, it is at the top of the 50 Best Practices that Air Academy Associates has learned from our survey of over 500 companies. Engaging leadership, choosing the correct team members, capturing and recognizing successful efforts, all play a part in the success of your implementation.

Expert Support in Test Design, Analytics and Optimization (Big Data)

All industry, government and healthcare groups know the need to test products and services.  It is imperative to their success.  Data is growing and our ability to test everything is impossible.  Resources are limited and our need to know what to test and when to test is key to our future.  There are new tools available to help you minimize your test budget and maximize your test results.