Joint Conference on T&E Support to Prototyping and Experimentation

A collaboration between the 19th Annual ITEA Systems of Systems Workshop and the 17th Annual Directed Energy T&E Conference Co-Produced by ITEA and DEPS Hosted by the ITEA Roadrunner, White Sands, and Valley of the Sun Chapters GO here for more information Join Dr. Mark Kiemele for his tutorial entitled: Predicting and Validating Prototype Performance

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35th International Test and Evaluation Symposium December 10-14, 2018 – Oxnard, CA

Are your technologies and capabilities evolving at a pace that ensures your part of the Global T&E Environment will be relevant and useful for future warfighter and weapons systems support?  Come learn more in Oxnard. Dr. Mark Kiemele to present a tutorial on Tuesday morning 8-noon entitled:  Statistics Every T&E’r Needs for Critical Thinking Early [...]

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ITC (International Telemetry Conference) 2018 Glendale, Arizona 11/5-11/8

The International Telemetering Conference/USA (ITC/USA) is the premier annual forum and technical exhibition providing telemetry specific short courses, technical papers from professionals and students and exhibits of the industry's leading companies. ITC/USA is sponsored by the International Foundation for Telemetering (IFT), a non-profit corporation dedicated to serving the technical and professional interests of the telemetering [...]

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SETE 2018

Unlocking the Future through Systems Engineering   SETE 2018 will combine a professionally stimulating technical program with exhibits and presentations by sponsors and tool vendors. We also aim to entertain you with social events including a banquet dinner and organised excursions to local projects of interest. SETE 2018 will once again host a paper INCOSE knowledge [...]

22nd Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop (2018)

The focus of the 2018 ITEA Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop is “Supporting the Warfighter from Test to Training—Understanding the 3rd Offset.” The 3rd Offset Strategy pursues next-generation technologies and learning systems, human-machine collaboration and combat teaming, and network-enabled and cyber-hardened autonomous weapons.   This year’s goal is to identify and address those instrumentation and data [...]

Air Academy and lean.It in Lithiuania

We would like to congratulate Marius Skersys on his latest triumph in becoming Air Academy's first Lithiuania LSS Black Belt! A very special thanks to our partners at lean.It and especially Vidas Petraitis. Well done! Air Academy looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our new partners.      

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ITEA – Richard G. Gross Award

Congratulations to Mark Kiemele for receiving the prestigious ITEA- RICHARD G. CROSS AWARD For over thirty years, Dr. Mark Kiemele has pioneered fact-based mathematical tools, techniques, rules-of-thumb, and methodologies that have fundamentally helped test and evaluation in academic, industrial, governmental and professional organizations around the world. He has personally instructed over 30,000 leaders, scientists, engineers and managers, in all seven continents. For the past ten years, Mark has authored and personally taught T&E tutorials that have consistently received the very highest ratings.

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21st Test Instrumentation Workshop: Solving Problems with Innovative Solutions

Please join us at the 2017 ITEA Test Instrumentation Workshop and help us share your experiences, lessons learned and innovative solutions to those problems we face in today's test environment.  Dr. Mark Kiemele will be presenting.  A Primer on Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques (STAT) Instructor:Mark J. Kiemele, Ph.D., Air Academy Associates Course length 4 [...]

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System of Sytems January 24-26 2017 El Paso

As the DoD embarks on a 3rd offset environment, execution of the identified initiatives will require application of system of systems principles to assure a robust and effective solution. These principles and their application to the 3rd offset, will facilitate the creation of a flexible infrastructure capable of conducting more operationally realistic test and training. [...]

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