Unlocking the Future through Systems Engineering


SETE 2018 will combine a professionally stimulating technical program with exhibits and presentations by sponsors and tool vendors. We also aim to entertain you with social events including a banquet dinner and organised excursions to local projects of interest. SETE 2018 will once again host a paper INCOSE knowledge exam for SESA and EA members desiring to become certified systems engineering professional by INCOSE and to become chartered in the Systems Engineering area of practice under the CASE program agreed between Engineers Australia and INCOSE.

Please join Dr. Mark Kiemele at this annual event as he will be presenting a tutorial specifically on Design of Experiments.  Abstract below:

Data Science and Its Relationship to Test & Evaluation

In a data-driven economy, industry and government leaders rely increasingly on skilled professionals who can see the significance in data and use data analytic techniques to properly collect data, solve problems, create new opportunities, and shape change.  Data science can be defined as the art and science of solving problems and shaping decisions through the precise collection and analysis of data.  This tutorial is intended for executives, leaders, managers, and practitioners who need to know how their critical thinking can be impacted by such things as Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Design of Experiments (DOE) and other tools in the Data Science toolkit.   This tutorial will cover the need for critical thinking as well as a high-level view of a variety of data analytic tools that can be used to enhance critical thinking.  Even if one never designs a test or evaluates its results, this tutorial participant will be able to explain the uniqueness of DOE and why big data and predictive analytics are needed to generate the analytical capability every organization needs. 

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