As the DoD embarks on a 3rd offset environment, execution of the identified initiatives will require application of system of systems principles to assure a robust and effective solution. These principles and their application to the 3rd offset, will facilitate the creation of a flexible infrastructure capable of conducting more operationally realistic test and training. The resultant distributed and integrated test and training environment will enhance readiness.

This workshop will discuss selected tenants of the 3rd offset such as cyber, C4I and Software Intensive Systems, distributed testing, modeling and simulations, autonomous systems, hypersonic systems, directed energy, spectrum, advanced instrumentation systems, and expand the discussion into a SoS application or challenge. Key speakers, town halls and technical sessions will be part of a program to identify challenges , solutions, innovations and a future state; all contributing to moving us closer to creation of an infrastructure and principles, conducive to testing and training in a more operationally realistic environment. Come Join Us!